Thursday, 25 August 2005


I've decided to take down the radio player. Why? Cos most ppl think its a little annoying and intrusive cos I am forcing people to listen to it. Got an email about it actually... hehe. So I'm not exactly winning any popularity votes here but who cares eh? ;) Moreover, most of you would have some kind of music/noise playing on your comp already...

The thing is, I'm kinda getting tired of it too already. Furthermore, Firefox doesn't seem to respond to the autostart="false" command. So being your friendly neighbour and all... no more loud music.

Anyway, I'm still leaving the link there so if you want to listen to some good christian songs online, just click the link at the sidebar or click here lah...

Kenny Sia also wrote an article about what not to put in a blogsite... go have a look here. So if you are new to blogging or is interested in spicing up your site (yeah... I'm talking about you, Leslie), go take a look... it will give you some insight on what not to do. :)

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