Tuesday, 2 August 2005


I miss Willie... I was just thinking about him and how I can see God's hand upon his life. To see him serving God so faithfully and learning how to really rely on God for every part of his life. Its really amazing. That got me into a melancholic mood and I started thinking about our relationship as brothers.

I remember how he first got started with the guitar, when Lionel came over to give him lessons. That's how it started boys... and how he and my cousin went to buy a guitar on a motorcycle. Yeah... so desperate. :)

I remember how one night, he sleepwalked from his bedroom and asked me whe some cartoon was going to start, at 10pm! And that was before the age of 24 hour tv channels (dunno if he still does it! hehe... this one must ask his housemates!). :)

As a kid, he also used to love listening to me tell him my space war stories... or at least I think he loved listening to them! I wonder if he remembered them. Sighs... those were the days.

Then in his teenage years, we sort of drifted apart... so now we are not as close as I would like it. Its my fault I guess... I was at the age when I'd rather be with friends than family... then after that, I'd rather be with girlfriends than family. Sighs... this is one thing that I would't mind turning back the time to change. Now that he is in Oz, we don't really talk much... "no news, means good news" but I am glad he still turn to me for counsel when he needs to deal with major decisions in his life. For that, I am touched and honored.

We are really very different in character... I'm a little more happy go lucky and he is usually more serious. He is definitely more talented than me. Music, sports and even videogames... he will beat me hands down. I love to sit next to him, watching play playstation or pc games. He is so good... his hand-eye coordination is peerless. Me? My way of playing console games is pressing and banging whatever keys is available. Combo moves... sorrylah, press-all-buttons moves is how I play games. The funny thing is though I know I irritate him alot, he never seemed to mind when I sit down and watch him play games. Pointing out enemies and clues to him. :)

In my opinion, he is also more mature in his thinking than me... more rational and in control of himself. I'm the impulsive one in the family. Somehow, people also think that he is older than I am. :) Dunno if that is a good thing, or a bad thing. ;P


Yeah, I miss my brother.

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