Sunday, 4 September 2005

What a week!

Su Yin left for Kuching on Saturday... and I miss her so much already. It has been an uneventful and yet very eventful week at the same time.

It was uneventful cos for the first time in a long time, we managed to do what most couples do when they are courting... that is to go dating! :) Its weird I know but we have hardly done that for a stretch before... like everyday also go out on a date... its so rare for us cos everytime we see each other we can only meet for a short period of time and we try to do something more special such as travel. This time we managed to do something normal couples would do, such as window shopping, having dinner dates and the like. Hence it was quite eventful... everyday I'd go home tired but happy...

I'm still having a hang-over from the whole week... I missed out on the regular evening naps and I was out doing stuff in the evening with Su Yin so I guess it did not help but I really didn't mind... since she was back for only 1 week. Sighs... I'm off to bed now... 2 months to recuperate! :)

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