Thursday, 22 September 2005

Are you sure or not?

After the incident at the Jelutong Expressway in Penang where 7 people were killed when a car lost control and rammed into a police blockade, Penang's CPO Datuk Christopher Wan mentioned that he would direct the police personnel manning the road-blocks on expressways to use sandbags to protect themselves. Its sounds ok initially but then when you think about it, there is just something NQR with that statement...
  1. How in the world are the policemen going to carry the sandbags when riding MOTORCYCLES??? Chia lart man... how can?! Next thing you know, you will see policemen driving lorrys/trucks around on their patrols... cos need to have sandbags to protect them.
  2. Sandbags are HEAVY! What if the policemen kena hernia when carrying the sandbags to set up roadblocks??? Then it will be really qua qua qua qua for the unfortunate policeman liao! :/
  3. Don't you think it is better for the police to man proper roadblocks where cones, lights and signs are placed up before and near the roadblocks for drivers to see from afar and they where reflective clothings and lightsticks??? People cannot escape on expressways on wat, right? Moreover, it will not frighten/shock/confuse the drivers while on the expressways, which was exactly what happened in this incident when the driver of the car was "shocked" to see the roadblock and lost control of his car (not my words but the words of the sole survivor from the car). I am sure many of us would have experienced this also when driving on Malaysian roads where the policeman would suddenly jump out from a tree/bush/dark hiding place and flag us down, giving us the shock of our lives.
Hence, I wish and hope the authorities would really heed our calls to have the police man proper roadblocks, instead of using sandbags, to prevent such things from happening again.

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