Friday, 16 September 2005


I just found out from Su Yin that there was 2 cases of rape that recently occured in the Unimas campus she is staying in. One happened to the a friend of her friend's. The other case was covered up by the Uni authorities. These things are bound to occur because the Uni campus has not been completed and there are still construction going on within the vicinity of the hostels that the girls are staying in... why would they let the girls hostel be located near the construction site, I have no idea. Trust our local people to have the sense NOT to think about all these things before making arrangements for accomodation... Great! :(

I really feel helpless cos I can't be there to protect her. Times like this we really have to believe in God's promise to protect His children. Nothing else I can do except to advise her to be extra careful and vigilant and to pray for her. I think that's the best thing I can do for her, don't you think? Please pray with me for her safety and the safety of the girls staying there, and also for the authorities to take appropriate and thorough action to safeguard the students' security. Thank you, much appreciated.

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