Thursday, 15 September 2005

Ramblings part 150905

1. Popularity contest:
Funny how some bloggers become so popular that their blogs become a little impersonal... you have to be extra special to get a respond from them (I am not naming names cos there is none to name, it is just my general observations).

Of cos, there are some who are really nice and respond to you though... so I guess it balances it out.

So I guess its ok-lah, since most bloggers don't really get much readership wan... for every popular blogger, there are hundreds more who gets a readership of a handful of people...

2. Fetish:
Do you think I have a watch fetish?

3. Missing her:
Its time for "I miss my fiancee" show again...

4. Not blogging:
Still don't know why I don't blog as much... another theory: Too much Football Manager 2005?

5. Debt:
My sleep debt is way too high... need to repay it a bit... now if only the clock would wind faster...

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