Saturday, 24 September 2005

Ramblings part 240905

Random thoughts again...
  1. Su Yin shared something she had never shared with anyone before. When I first heard it, I was surprised by the revelation but then I thank God because I realised again how much we were made for each other. Now I realise Su Yin truly is my soul mate...
  2. I also realised that it is possible for me to flee temptation... that all I had to do was to turn towards the very thing temptations were trying distract us from.
  3. Its not easy trying not to chase after monetary gains. When I saw a new Mercedes SLK500 on the road today, something inside me felt envious immediately but I quickly realise that I am in a car that's air-conned and that's fairly comfortable, what else can I ask for? A car is a car... a vehicle that takes me from point A and point B.
    Its not the mode of transport that is important, it is how thankful I am for what I have. This is not easy because we are constantly bombarded with messages that tell us to get more and more... only when we remember the Giver can we be grateful for what we have.

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