Friday, 9 September 2005

Snatch-theft solution

I was reading Kenny Sia's blog about Patriotism and he mentioned that one of the endemic problems that our country is facing is snatch theft and that got me thinking... how do we get rid of this scourge?

After 2 seconds of thinking... I came out with the solution: GET RID OF THE SCOOTER/KAP-CHAI/MOSQUITO-TYPE MOTORCYCLES!

That way, people will either carry out the crime on foot, by bicycle or by car... all of which are abit silly cos if you carry out this crime by foot, even the auntie whom you just snatched from would catch up with you and bash you on the head. If you do it by bicycle, people can also easily stop you. By car??? If you can afford a car, why go snatch theft? Go rob a bank or something! At least you can DIE in a blaze of glory! :P

What do you think? Can?

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