Monday, 26 September 2005

Reality shows suck

This is my 2 cent's worth of this reality program... I don't like it, well, maybe with the exception of the auditions where contestants would attempt to perform their versions of their favoured song. Their antics are funny! :) But when the actual elimination rounds start I usually would just not bother. Why? I don't know... maybe because you get eliminated not because you can't sing, its usually because you are not cute enough. :/

Anyway... I have a feeling that the contest's popularity will wane sooner or later. Malaysia's pool of aspiring singers are only so big.

Generally I don't really like reality shows. With the exception of the Apprentice and the Amazing Race, which I watch periodically, the rest of the reality shows are really so boring and so fakey... Have you noticed that every one of the contestants for these shows are usually very nice to look at? Be it the guys or the girls... why can't they have some ordinary guy or girl to be in the show???

These shows gives me the impression that if you want to make it, you have to be good looking in order to do so. Furthermore, these shows all emphasises one point - everyone is motivated by GREED! The worst of human behaviour is brought forth by GREED. All those tears when someone is eliminated are tempered by all the scheming and conniving that goes on behind people's back and is just so sucky... don't you think?

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