Monday, 3 October 2005

Piousness or hypocrisy

I was going to work today and I had to pass through Pulau Tikus. Guess what, because it was the Nine Emperor's Festival, there were a number of roadside stalls that were set up to sell vegetarian food and the people who are buying them had the audacity of parking not only on the road table, but on the road itself, causing a massive, massive jam! What is going on here, people?

I am not against people observing and pursuing their beliefs but I don't understand 2 things:
  1. Why do people eat food that mimics meat and non-vegetarian products such as eggs? Doesn't it defeat the whole purpose of cleansing the body AND mind? To put the thoughts of having meat away from our minds??? Strange...
  2. Why do people who observe this period so religiously, can be so inconsiderate as to park their cars indiscriminately, even on the ROAD, blocking the traffic and causing a jam?! If they want to be pious and pure, why are they still acting this way? Doesn't it goes against the very thing they are striving for???
Obviously something is not quite right here... Are people just doing this as a trend or are they doing this just to create an impression that they are pious or are they truly repentant? If they are, then I doubt the above 2 points would not happen liao right? Piousness or hyprocrisy? I dunno, you tell me...

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