Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Going to Kuching

I'll be going over to Kuching over the weekend to see Su Yin and to have our engagement party over there. We have been planning for one since we got engaged but could not find the right time for me to go and see her... until now. Its long overdue and so I am very happy to be able to celebrate our engagement with her friends there.

Will also have another one here for people on this side of the divide during the Raya holidays. I have alot of work from the college as well... deadlines moved forward or stuff I have procastinated for far too long. Finally, they have all caught up with me. :/

So I think I will be very bz over the next few weeks. Oh well, I will enjoy the good times... I'm can't wait to see Su Yin again, miss her badly... :) and I will persevere through the bad... deadlines, deadlines, deadlines... :( Still, thanks be to God, who leads us into triumph! :)

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