Thursday, 27 October 2005

Back from the Land of Hornbills

The past weekend was truly eventful... I went to Kuching to visit Sarawak on Friday and came back with her on Sunday. It was a tiring trip... had lots of good memories to bring back but one bad memory too... well, its not too bad cos it really reminded both Su Yin and I about the goodness of God and how He really watches over us.

So why was the trip eventful??? Here's what happened on Friday...

  1. The AirAsia flight from KLIA to Kuching was delayed for 2 hours (according to some passengers, this has been happening quite frequently on AirAsia flights, dunno if it was true...).
  2. The delayed flight was further delayed cos some silly family decided to take the grand tour of KLIA and the whole plane had to wait for them! Then, another Ah Pek decided to test his mobile phone in the plane... silly old man, I had to go tell him to turn it off! Sighs...
  3. During the flight, it was quite uneventful until the very end of the flight, when the plane decided to encounter some very, very bad air turbulence, causing my stomach to turn upside-down... there goes my Burger King's Whopper brunch... :(
  4. Still feeling queasy from the flight, Kuching decided to welcome me with a rain and wind extravaganza... the wind was so strong that the clouds just flew by when I looked up to the sky... I have not since such a sight since I returned from Australia or UK. Clouds in Malaysia are usually slow moving...
  5. Managed to get Su Yin's friend Grace to lend me her BF's car... unfortunately she forgot to mention to me that the brakes didn't work too well... had a couple of scary moments but no accidents. Whew! :)
  6. Arrived at Unimas early, so I had to wait for Su Yin to finish class to see her again... the tension was so unbearable! You don't know how its like not seeing your beloved for so long and though I'm now just a stone's throw away from her, I still could not see her! It was one of the longest 30 minutes of my life.
  7. Finally, I see her again! It was such a wonderful feeling... indescribable!
  8. Both of us were very hungry... nothing to eat since breakfast. So we headed down town to have dinner. Had the best Fried Oysters in the whole world! Anyone who's going to Kuching must try Restoran Venue's fried oyster that comes with fish sauce dip. Yum! :) You also must try the Ulam Midin (Midin is a type of vegetable that looks like fern... nice!).
  9. Then we went back to Su Yin's friend's place to rest and bathe. After awhile, I was feeling a little hungry again (what else is new about me eh?!). I managed to persuade Su Yin to go to this noodle store that we saw earlier driving into her friend's place. Her friend mentioned to her that it was very nice but did not have a chance to try as it was always closed. Anyway, it was open and so we went and try... it was Kolo Mee but the noodles was home made.The place was also very nice... old style atmosphere. Brought back alot of memories of my childhood. Nice! :)
  10. We went for a drive, with Su Yin driving... and it conclusively proves that she has a bad bad bad sense of direction! :)
  11. Went to Coffee Bean for a Malibu-Dream Ice-blended... so nice! :) Found out that both of us liked the same kind of coffee - Cafe Mocha!!! So cool! :)
  12. Then we went back home to take a deserved rest... Zzz...
Will write more tomorrow... sorry, no photos... I was too bz enjoying my time with Su Yin... Will see what I can post up... until then... tomorrowlah.

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