Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Home alone... sort of

Mom and dad leaving for Adelaide on Saturday as Mei is due anytime now. Yeah, my baby sister is going to give birth to her own little "terror". My sis was quite the terror when she was born... still is actually. You think my temper is fiery? You've not met Mei Ching yet! :)

Anyway, as they are going over, I will be home alone for about 2 months. "Whoopie!" you'd say? Well, that would have been my reaction 10 years ago but now, actually I am kinda sad that they are leaving, the house would be a lot more quiet without my mum's nagging and my dad's 24-hour TV. Its left to me, my very own super-granny and Seong, my cousin, to hold the fort.

Hrm... looks like I'd have to start thinking about meals, laundry and other household chores liao. Just like my Uni days! :) Its spaghetti/pasta for dinner again! :) The only thing I dread is remembering to pay the bills. Thank God there is Seong and super-gran around.

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