Monday, 10 October 2005

Chicken dung grown cold

I know the title is not one for putting up during lunch but its just something that I want to rant about. It is a sad but true fact that the blogging fever has died down among our circle. Many who enthusiatically started a post a day has now trickled their postings to a post a week, some even a post a month!!! Don't want to name names here but you know who you are :P

Its left to the few pioneers who are managing a few posts a week, especially Alvin (good job, keep it up!) who consistently deposits his crap in his "toilet bowl" except on weekends where he remains constipated for 2 days until he relieves himself on Mondays! ;) I guess that is the reason why it smells especially bad on Mondays! :)

Admittedly, I myself has slacked alot lately. Its purely down to laziness and indifference on my part and the lack of response from the part of the readers (if there is any... hehe) but do I really need to blame myself for lack of postings? Do I really need to keep asking people to update their blogs? I think something's just not quite right when you ask someone to update your blog... its their blog anyway... so for those whom I've asked to update your blog, I'm sorry ok? And update your blog lah... why? Just lor ;)

What is a blog really? Should I take the effort to make my posts interesting readings or ensure regular postings? I think if we take too much effort in doing something as frivilous as blogging, then we've lost the plot. Really... that is unless you have a wide readership like some bloggers... So I will continue to keep to my random thoughts and whatever that my heart inspires me to write (not that it does that alot anyway :/) Be it rants or raves, I will write for myself and my few loyal readers... and maybe a little for Su Yin, so that she knows what is in my heart... putting down things that I might find too difficult to say with my mouth. Otherwise, you can go read someone else's blog ler...

[Note: as you can see, my thoughts are rather random right now... I myself don't know what I just said!]

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