Friday, 28 April 2006


Lately I have been watching season 5 of 24, a TV series that chronicles the goings on, over a single day, of a counter-terrorist agent, Jack Bauer, and the agency he is working for, Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). Its a very popular series and I was sucked into it during the 1st season... but then after that, the same thing seems to happen every season. So I lost interest and stopped watching.

Well, I heard that the current season, season 5, has as a consultant, Richard Marchinko... the guy credited with the setting up of SEAL Team 6, the counter-terrorist section of the U.S.Navy's elite special forces, the NAVY SEALS. So, I began to tune in to see if there is any improvement in terms of realism... it was so-so only but I noticed a few things about the TV series:
  1. Jack Bauer is always either whispering or shouting, never talking.
  2. His favourite phrase seem to be: "we don't have much time" or "we are running out of time"... and oh... "who are you working for?!"
  3. Jack is one of the most pitiful and unlucky person in the world... all the people around him seems to die... like flies.
  4. People in 24 also don't eat, go to the toilet or bathe. Phew!
  5. He's been talking on his mobile phone while driving... bad boy! :)
  6. The US of A is a super 'suay' country. Always kena attack. Heh. :)

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