Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Everybody hates Chelsea

I wonder why someone would support Chelsea nowadays... there is an increasing number of sport news articles mentioning how even the hard-core Chelsea fans are disgruntled with their team... Their main gripe: the atmosphere is one of the worse in the Premiership... and they were also bemoaning the fact that currently they are playing very, very boring and negative football, that although they did not win much in the past, they played very attractive and attacking football then. Well, not anymore... thank you, Jose "Moan"rinho. Thanks for making Chelsea the most boring and hated them in the Premiership.

Now they are out of the Champions League... good riddance, I'd say. Its seems that this view is not only shared by me, but by a lot of football pundits too. Not only that, some are saying that Chelsea are the architects of their own downfall... that their riches and resources are the reason why their form are so very poor... cos there is not enough of a challenge for them to keep them at tip-top form.

Not only that, many are also saying that Chelsea will never be as popular as Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal because of the lack of history in, and passion for, the beautiful game... even clubs like Newcastle and Totenham Hotspurs play with more passion and flair than Chelsea.

Btw, if you have not realised by now that I really, really, really dislike Chelsea, you must be from another Universe...

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