Thursday, 5 January 2006

Playing catch up?

Its only half way through the season but Man Utd and Arsenal has already thrown in the towel. The MU vs Arsenal game is one of the the most mundane I've ever seen in recent seasons. I am not so much worried about the mundaneness of the game but about the fact that the season is more or less effectively over in the Premiership. If the Premiership authorities are not careful, more and more people will start to tune off as it becomes more and more predictable.

Many pundits and commentators are already making the same conclusion. Surprisingly this is not the case in Spain, where Barcelona and Real Madrid, especially the latter, has dominately the league for a long time. Yet, teams such as Valencia, Real Sociedad and Deportivo La Coruna has had genuine chances of clinching the Liga Primera title and has done so.

Sighs... for now, I'd rather play Football Manager 2006 where most teams has a better chance of winning the Premiership.

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