Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Tagged: 6 weird things about me...

I have been tagged by Alvin to blog about 6 weird things that you might or might not know about me.



  1. I play Football Manager with a passion that sometimes drives Su Yin up the wall.
  2. I love adding vinegar to my Penang Hokkien Mee (Spicy Prawn Noodles).
  3. My nightly dreams are in Technicolour, Dolby Digital and also is so 'virtual' I can smell and taste the food I eat in my dreams.
  4. I listen to BBC World Service radio. Have been doing it since I was 13 or 14.
  5. I like both Classical Music and Dance Music.
  6. I have watched the first Die Hard movie at least 25 times (Watched it in the cinema 3 times).
I am really an ordinary guy. Really... Don't know what I did this :)

Anyone else want to join Alvin in his madness? Post it up on your blog. I am not going to bother tagging someone else. Yes... I can't help it. I am too lazy. :P

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