Friday, 20 April 2007

My deepest wishes...

Deep down in my heart, I have been harbouring a few wishes... hoping they will come true but most likely they will not.

The 1st wish would be to give Su Yin her dream wedding.
The 2nd wish would be to visit Japan, my dream country to visit.
The 3rd wish would be to produce a full-length animated movie. Maybe I can get someone to fulfill my 2nd wish??? After all it is the land of Anime?
The 4th wish would be to build my dream home.
The 5th wish would be to get all the boy toys I want (maybe I should write another post about this...)
This 6th wish would be to watch a MU match in Old Trafford.

Now, for all these wishes to come true... we come to my final wish:
Get Bill Gates to donate US$ 1Billion into my bank account.

Ya... that would do just fine. :)

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