Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Things I need on my Firefox

People put up their Top 10 lists of extensions to recommend it to others.

Me? I do it because I want a record somewhere just in case my HDD crashes again...

So, here goes:
- Adblock Plus
- Add Bookmark Here
- British English Dictionary
- Customise Google
- Download Manager Tweak
- Enhanced History Manager
- Firefox Extension Backup Extension
- FlashGot
- Forecastfox Enhanced
- FoxClocks
- Gmail Notifier
- IE Tab
- More Tools Menu
- NoScript
- ReminderFox
- Restart Firefox
- Tab Mix Plus
- Update Notifier

This list will be updated periodically.

Oh yeah, I dunno if the extensions here are good but I like them...
so if you disagree with me, go make your own list lo... :)

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