Monday, 29 January 2007

Things I must have on my computer

This is a list, by no means comprehensive, of software I'd install on my computer and they were what I installed when I got my laptop's HDD up and going again after it crashed last Tuesday.

Here goes:
  1. Windows XP (have to lah... no OS, no computer).
  2. NOD32 - the 2nd thing I install, by far the best anti-virus program I've ever used.
  3. TweakUI - minor tweaks here and there makes my computing experience more enjoyable.
  4. MS Office - need to work, so I need to have this.
  5. CCCP - this codec pack is essential for viewing anything on the comp. There are plenty of codec packs out there but this is my personal choice.
  6. Spybot/Ad-aware - either one of this is sufficient, I prefer Spybot cos it is more proactive in checking for spyware.
  7. Spyware Blaster - keeps out spyware before it gets to you. Works together with Spybot/Ad-aware.
  8. WMP 10/Realplayer/Winamp - for my listening pleasure. WMP10 I like cos it allows you to add the currently playing item into the playlist, thus useful for my radio listening habits.
  9. Foxit Reader - CPU-friendly alternative to Adobe reader, works just as well.
  10. uTorrent - must have for downloading stuff
This list will continue to grow :)

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