Thursday, 23 November 2006

Daniel is James

I went to catch Casino Royale with my dearest last night and this is what I have to say...

A James Bond that is as hard as a rock!
Not since Sean Connery in From Russia With Love,
that I have seen another Bond who is both hard and tender at the same time.
Daniel IS James...
He brought not only a hard edge and a cruel streak back to the character,
but managed to show enough emotions to get us to feel for him as well.
He can be both charming in one minute and cruel in another.
Moreover, he also has the physique of someone who can both give and take a beating.

Not only does the movie has all the classic ingredients of a Bond movie such as...
  • Bad, bad Bond girls
  • Beautiful and exotic scenery and locations
  • Cruel villians
  • Torture scenes (and this one is really, really painful to watch!)
  • Boy's toys (cars, boats, HPs, laptops)
  • Action, and lots of it (in short bursts)
But it also tells a good story,
the pacing is good,
and you got to know James Bond much better.
The focus is really on Bond this time.
Not the girls or cars or gadgets or villians.

Well done Daniel Craig and bravo Casino Royale!
Here's to Bond movie #22!

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