Monday, 6 June 2011

Missing dog

Lately I've seen so many Lost Pet posters springing up near my neighborhood and all over Penang. This got me thinking and I've come to a conclusion that the only way people can stop losing their dogs is to choose the right breed to keep as a pet. If you choose a poodle or a schnauzer or any other pure bred small dog, its gonna go missing if left unattended. "So what is your solution then?", I hear you ask... and here is my answer:

GET A MONGREL, and a FEMALE one at that.

If you treat them with the same kinda love and care (and yes, spaying them is part of caring for them) as you would a pure bred, you will have a loving dog who not only is loyal but have had all the bad genes bred out of it already. Try the yellow fur variety. They are so ubiquitous yet so cute and loving, and no one wants too kidnap them. They have absolutely no financial value to others. Give them a try... adopt a mongrel instead.


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