Thursday, 13 March 2008

Working together

Been reading the alternative Malaysian news websites the past few days... it really opens my eyes to this other world that I have never realised... that the Malays in this country is actually very, very pissed with the federal Govt. and UMNO in particular.

That the regular Malay guy on the street actually don't mind working hard like the rest of us instead of relying on the crutch they have been on for a long, long time called the NEP.

Its really refreshing and endearing to hear that to them, the Malaysian Malaysia, is also their aspiration. What progress our country will make if we are willing to put our differences down and work for the good of the country.

Its only the people in power that wants to hold to power hiding behind the NEP. The ordinary guy just want to get on with life... like the rest of us. When the country suffers, all of us suffer regardless of race or religion...

Maybe divine intervention is needed? Hrm...

Let justice and integrity prevail. Amen.

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