Friday, 4 May 2007

Depth of squad...

The problem with Man Utd this season isn't not having a great 1st team, its not having a good 2nd team. With a long, tiring league like the Premier League, you need to have at least 2 good first teams in the squad if you want to succeed on all fronts.

With 1 domestic league, 2 domestic cups and 1 European league to compete for, you need a really big squad, comprising of a good mix of youth and experience, with at least 2 players per position in the team. However, as with every big squad, the biggest headache is to make sure that everyone is happy and that morale is high. The cost of maintaining such a big squad is also enormous.

Unless Man Utd's owners can back the manager is maintaining a big squad and ensure that each player recruited are skilled, team players, an assault on 4 fronts is near impossible.

Now, if only Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Laksmi Mittal and Ingmar Kampard would be persuaded to buy Man Utd from the Glazers...

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