Wednesday, 14 March 2007

"Can God make a rock so big that he cannot move it?"

During the CG meeting last night, one of our members brought out this question and we had a short discussion on this question.
This is a question often ask by people who wants to trap Christians because either "yes" or "no" would somehow make you and God look bad.

I did a bit of searching and found this on the Web...

"Can God make a rock so big that he cannot move it?"
Think about it:

If we answer yes, then there’s something that God can’t do: He can’t move the rock
If we answer no, then we’re saying that God can’t build the rock either way, we are forced to put limits on God’s power.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is to admit that there are some things that God can’t do:

  • He can’t do the logically absurd or the contradictory, e.g. God can’t make square circles or triangles with four corners.
  • He can’t sin.
  • He can’t die.
  • God cannot act against his holy nature.
  • He can’t fail to do what He has promised.

In fact, there are some things that you can do that God can’t do:
You can be illogical,
you can sin and
you can die.

When we define omnipotence, and say that God is able to do all things, what we mean is this:

God has infinite power over his creation. Nothing stands out of the scope of His sovereign control. God’s will is never frustrated. What He chooses to do, He accomplishes, and He has the ability to do it.

(Psalms 115:3) Our God is in heaven; He does whatever pleases Him."

Good answer this.
So ya, there are things God can't do... and aren't you glad that He can't?

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