Wednesday, 7 June 2006


This is bad, only 2 postings in the past month... I'm afraid I don't have much time to blog lately, with Su Yin back in Penang permanently (yay!) and student's coursework to mark (boo!).

Lots of things are happening... Mei Ching and William is back in Penang with my nephew, Isaac. Very cute, with large head! hehe... They will be back for a week or so, then its off to HK for a week before flying back to KL for Daw Swee's wedding.

Su Yin is bz getting her career life started... it was kinda stressful initially cos she din get much offers or replies... but lately it has been better. Offers are coming in but I think she's settled with teaching for now... until March next year when she will try and start her Master's paper again... no grants yet this year.

Willie will be back next week and we'll have a real big reunion in KL. Hopefully everyone can go down this time.

Hopefully I'll post abit more this month... hrm... maybe not, cos World Cup is starting in 2 days time! Woohoo! Samba, boys! :)

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